Obedience Training

Carrie Bush’s Obedience Classes have been helping owners train their dogs for over 20 years. She offers two courses; Basic Obedience and Advanced Obedience. The goal of her courses is to create a positive relationship with your dog so you and your family can enjoy and better manage dog ownership. Her classes are for all breeds and are suited for house pets, working dogs, show dogs, and hunting dogs alike.

The Basic Obedience course teaches General Manners, Heeling Command, Down-Stay, Sit-Stay, Stand-Stay, Come-When-Called, and the fundamentals of Grooming & Good Nutrition.

The Advanced Course is designed to reinforce and strengthen the Basic Skills and includes an AKC test for the Canine Good Citizen Title
at the end of the session During the warmer months the classes
are held at the Preserve (1 mile south of Ruthville on Hwy 83, then west 1/2 mile on 114th Ave) in a relaxed outdoor training area that is both comfortable for the owner and fun for the dogs. Cooler temperatures bring the classes indoors at the Minot Municipal Auditorium.

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